This is my Daisy. As best I can tell, she’s a corgi/chihuahua mix. I prefer the term chicorgi.

She’s been with me for about a year and a half. I adopted her after I ended my engagement. She belonged to an older woman who attends my parents’ church. She had to find a home for her and here I was, brokenhearted and needing a friend.

Daisy is about seven years old. She’s friendly, but all my friends will tell you she’s also really neurotic. She hated men, but now it’s just children. If you’re under four feet tall, she’s not having it. She also loves to sleep in bed like a human. Head on pillow, blankets pulled up to her chin.

Here she is with her best friend, Roxie, who belongs to my parents. My mom loves Daisy, but dreads her visits because Roxie and Daisy play 24/7 and make a lot of noise, which my mom says drives her nuts, but secretly I think she likes it.

Call me a crazy dog lady, but Daisy is my family and I’m her mom. She came to me at a time when I really needed her and she literally hasn’t left my side since.


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