Pinterest Rip Off (Kind Of): Colored paper and folder game storage


Last week I found these in my classroom:

From what I can gather, they come with textbooks. I think they contain supplementary materials. In any case, they’re a million years old, as you can see from the peeling labels. I took them home, bought some Goo-Gone, and went to work. Then I spray painted them with some leftover paint from another project.
I decided to use one to hold folder games, and another for colored paper storage. That’s where the Pinterest Rip Off comes in. I found this pin and thought it was really clever. Little did I know I would have so much colored construction paper in my room and would really need this solution.

organize construction paper in plastic files. Keep scraps in the green hanging folders that separate the colors. Crates also work. This makes them stackable and portable and easily used by students. No more mess and damaged paper! Great idea!

And here they are!

Notice my leopard print labels. You can find the downloadable file here. I also used them on my Music Teacher’s Pencil Cups.

This whole project was free! The containers were already in my room, I had the paint on hand, and the labels were a free download. What do you think of my new storage?


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