Pinterest Rip Off: Teacher’s Toolbox


Are y’all ready to get back to school?! I know I am. Kind of. Truth be told, I’m terrified and really just trying to keep to together. But that being said, I’m so lucky to have a job, in a neat city, close to family, living in a cozy apartment. I’m really thankful for everyone’s advice, physical help, financial help and support.
And gushing over! This week, as part of my new classroom overhaul (more on that later!), I broke down and made a teacher toolbox, much like I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. To see the example I modeled mine after, click here. She even includes a downloadable template for your labels, and it rocked! Here’s a picture of my finished box.

To get started, you need a toolbox. You can get these at Lowe’s for $17. They only comes in navy. Wah-wah. A problem easily solved with a can of black spray paint. (Some of you are reading this and thinking, “Why bother? There’s not that much difference between navy and black.” And you would be so wrong. So wrong.)

Then go to Hobby Lobby (Michael’s or your local craft store will also suffice) and pick out scrapbooking paper. I picked out lime green and blue with a subtle polka dot, since those are my classroom colors. They were 12×12 inches each, so I cut them to 8.5×11, to fit my printer. Download that lovely template, take a survey of your office supplies, and edit the labels to suit you. I used a font I downloaded for free from kevinandamanda. Then I printed right on to the scrapbooking paper. Cut out the labels. They were a little bland for me, so I took my scraps and doctored up the large labels. I also decided laminate mine, so I could change them easily and reuse them in later years (SIDENOTE: LAMINATION IS MY NEW FAVORITE THIS EVERRRRRR). Then I slapped them on with some masking tape. Ta-Da!


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