The Ultimate Drink Stop, deconstructed.


This summer I found myself in a Sonic drink rut. For those of you out there Sonic-less (I pity your soul), Sonic is a drive-in fast food joint that I mainly go to for drinks. We’re talking endless possibilities. Sonic claims to have 398,929 possible drink combinations, although I’m a music teacher, not a mathematician, so we’re just gonna take their word for it. Point is, you can get ANYTHING.

So I said to myself, “Self, why do you always get the same thing when there’s thousands of delicious options? Let’s get something different every time we go to Sonic this summer.” So that’s what I did. And here’s my list, in reverse order according to said deliciousness.

Pineapple Sprite

Although to me this was a no-brainer, pineapple plus lemon-lime soda, Sonic does not quite understand I don’t think. Instead of stocking pineapple syrup, they use the crushed pineapple that is used for banana split topping. And IT CLOGS THE STRAW. Duh, Sonic. Thus every other pineapple concoction is out.

Strawberry Lemonade

The same goes for anything with strawberry in it at Sonic. In an attempt to market the drinks as “fresh”, they always use real strawberry. Don’t they know if I wanted real strawberry, I would eat a real strawberry? I came to Sonic for delicious artificial syrupy goodness.

Peach Sprite

This was good, but the peach tasted diet. Like Splenda instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Yuk.

Chocolate Dr Pepper

This was interesting. I would have never ordered this, except my mom’s standby drink is always chocolate diet Coke. So I tried it with Dr Pepper. As far as I can tell, they use Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Which is thicker than soda so it doesn’t dissolve completely. But I kind of liked it that way. Some sips were hinting at chocolate and some sips were mostly chocolate. It was like a box of chocolates, you never knew what you were going to get. See what I did there? Eh?

Green Apple Sprite

I really like the green apple flavor. But it didn’t come across very strong in Sprite. Maybe they didn’t put enough in. Maybe I should get this again and compare. More to come later.

Vanilla Cherry Dr Pepper

I think Dr Pepper actually makes this in cans, but its better at Sonic. It just is.

Cherry Limeade

This is the quintessential Sonic drink. If you’ve never been, get this. And you get a cherry in the bottom.

Cherry Blue Powerade

I had a friend who used to call this Shark Attack. Get it?

Watermelon Ocean Water

Ocean Water is Sprite with blue coconut flavor. Then add watermelon. Mmmmm.

Watermelon Sprite

There’s a lot of watermelon on this list. I just really like it.

Vanilla Orange Fanta

I picked this one up from another friend. It’s like Oreos and PB, don’t knock it till you try it. It’s sort of like a carbonated creamsicle.

Watermelon Slush

I think I forgot to mention that Sonic has awesome slushes. And you can get them in any of the flavors. They only list a few under the slush category, but if you ask nicely, they’ll make anything.

Blue Powerade Slush

If you love Powerade/Gatorade, this is exactly as fantastically delicious as you think it will be. I like to get a large and sip for hours.

Cranberry Limeade

I feel as though this is the Cherry Limeade’s older, more sofisticated sister. Only downside is no cherry in the bottom.

Watermelon Limeade

And this is the Cherry Limeade’s crazy fun-loving friend.

Green Apple Lemonade

I loooooove the green apple. I know I said this. I like it in lemonade over Sprite because you can really taste the awesomeness.

And the favorite……Watermelon Lemonade

Are you surprised it’s watermelon?


What’s your favorite Sonic drink? Leave me a comment!


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