72-Hour Kit


This is a project I’ve been working on for quite some time. I bought the contents bit by bit over serveal weeks, so there would be less sticker shock. I am in college, you know. I ran across a post from Six Sisters’ Stuff via Pinterest (where else, right?). I really liked the list she put together compared to other lists out there.

If you’re reading this thinking, “What the heck is a 72-hour kit?,” let me explain. In the event of a natural disaster, the kit would help you survive until rescue services can reach you. In my neck of the woods, this would most likely be a tornado, but this would also be perfect for hurricanes, floods, fires, or possibly extreme blizzards. Or if you’re my best friend’s boyfriend, this kit is to help you survive the apocalypse until you can get to your cabin in the woods that you’ve built and stocked. He prefers to call these “bug-out bags”.

Although I like the Six Sisters’ list best, I did end up tweaking it for my needs, specifically for my dog, Daisy. When I read up on some other lists, other websites listed the procedures for leaving a pet behind if you must. This is absolutely, positively, NOT AN OPTION. If you know Daisy and I, you understand. She is my family, and I am her mom. So my solution was, or course, to make her a doggy bug-out bag.

So my bag breaks down into four categories:

Personal Care
Daisy’s Stuff
Other Important Survival Junk


3 gallons of water (This is 24 16.9 oz bottles, which I could not fit into a backpack. I managed to fit 18.)
1 box of granola bars
3 small bags of beef jerky
3 cans of beef ravioli

Note: You will notice that most lists include a can opener and mine does not. That is because Chef Boyardee ravioli comes with pop-top cans. Duh, people! Don’t waste space on a can opener; this is the 21st century, after all.

Personal Care

Travel-sized Kleenex
Wet Ones
Toothbrush and Toothpaste (I found this travel kit with plastic case at Wal-mart)
Hair ties (My hair is short right now but it may not be in the future. And hair ties are useful for EVERYTHING!)
First Aid Kit (This one is from the travel section of Wal-mart and includes alcohol wipes, guaze, and band-aids.)
Pain Reliever
Hand Sanitizer
Body Wash
Sun block
Washcloths (I bought magic towels that expand in water. One for me, one for Daisy.)
Medicated Lip Balm

Daisy’s Stuff

6 containers of Ol’Roy wet dog food (I figured this was easier than trying to measure out and ration dry dog food.)
A plastic bowl for water
A few treats (Most people will judge me for this comment, but Daisy has anxiety problems. If we were in a disaster situation, I would want some treats to comfort her.)
A short leash (In case I don’t have a chance to grab her retractable leash.)

Note: I did not account for extra water for Daisy. She is only 16 pounds, and does not require much, so I would plan to share with her.

Other Important Survival Junk

Extra Batteries
Plastic Utensils (These were “acquired” from various fast food joints)
Duct Tape (Why have boring gray when you can have Tranquil Teal?)
Playing Cards
Pocket Knife

Here’s the price breakdown:

Backpack $4 (Love Goodwill!)
Food = $7
Personal Care = $9.30
Daisy’s Stuff = $4.60
Other Important Survival Junk = $11.40

GRAND TOTAL = $36.30

It also occurred to while I was putting my own kit together was that it would have been helpful to have the list organized by store rather than category. So here is a shopping list for all the items in the kit according to where I purchased them. You’ll notice that a few things are missing; those things I already had around my apartment.

Please don’t judge me for the backpack. It’s definitely not the prettiest thing in the world (yes, those are roses and skulls). But I got it for four dollars (!!) and it holds everything.

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