Fort(ress) Kit


This year, for my niece and nephew’s birthdays, I decided to give them a joint gift. Because I know you’re thinking, “What kind of kid wants a joint gift?,” allow me to explain. My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, and I all have birthdays in January-April. And since I was going to be visiting my brother’s family over spring break, I decided I’d hit all the birthdays at once. And then I found this idea for a fort-making kit (My niece Cadence prefers to call it a fortress.) on Pinterest via And I thought, “How cool would that be to make for both of them?”

The momsbyheart post says that she puts hers together for $13. Mine cost around $23, but you could make it work for less. I’ll break down the numbers later. Here’s what you’ll need:

Fort(ress) Kit:

Two twin-size flat sheets (You can buy a flat sheet separately at Wal-mart for $5)
Flashlight (I bought one for each of them)
Glowsticks (I bought four 2-packs)
Rope or cord
Wooden clothespins
Plastic clamps
Suction cups with hooks (I didn’t actually include these because they wouldn’t be helpful in their living room.)
Container of your choice (I picked a plastic container that matches the kind my sister-in-law already uses for the kids’ toys.)

The Wal-mart sheets came in small bags, which I used to store the clothespins and clamps. By the way, the clamps are especially useful for attaching the sheets to the back of a dinner chair and I got six for a dollar at Dollar Tree. In fact, besides to sheets, everything for this project are Dollar Tree purchases.

A and C helping me put together their very own fort.

We’re ready to watch Rio! (Which by the way, was really good.)

Note: We didn’t actually use the rope for this fort but my sister-in-law had the clever idea of stringing it between two chairs and throwing the sheet over it tent-style.

Okay so here’s how it broke down:

2 sheets at $5 each: $10
2 flashlights at $1 each: $2
4 pks of glowsticks at $1 each: $4
1 bunch/coil/whatever of rope: $1
1 pack of clothepins: $1
1 pack of clamps: $1
1 pack of suction cups: $1 (I didn’t get these, but I know Dollar Tree has them.)
Plastic container (Wal-mart would like me to remind you not to forget the lid.): ~$4

TOTAL (w/o suction cups): ~$23

Happy Fort-Making!


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