User Manual Notebook


One fact of life: something will break and when it does, you will NEVER be able to find the user manual, warranty information, etc.

So here is my solution.

User Manual Notebook

You will need:

1-inch 3-ring binder with an exterior plastic sleeve
Avery Clear Label Index Maker Clear Pocket Dividers #75500
Materials to make a cover and spine

I bought my 3-ring binder from Target. I just found the cheapest one with an external sleeve. You’ll want this so you can make a cover for your notebook.

I had these Avery dividers leftover from my professional portfolio but I loved them so much I decided to post the specific kind I used. I like them because they have a pocket and a tab, so you can label the tab with the appliance and then slip the manual right into the pocket. Also, you can type the labels up on the Avery website and it will send a PDF to your computer, instead of using a Word template. I HATE templates. I have never been able to make them work. I also use a Mac, and not all dividers come with a Mac-compatible template.

I made my cover from a sheet of floral 12×12 inch scrapbooking paper, a sheet of green cardstock, and a pink scrapbooking marker.

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