Hello, there. I’m still alive.


I know, I know. Six months. Ridiculous.

Since my last post, I moved back to Lawrence into a new townhouse with Andrew and Eric, finished my last academic semester at KU, started my student teaching, and found a new love of cooking via the Pinterest.

Typically, on Sunday I pick one or two recipes from my food board on Pinterest to make for the week, make a list, shop for the ingredients, and plan what days to make each recipe. I’ve been doing this since the new year, and here are links to some of my faves so far:

Chipotle Meatballs via Simply Recipes

I decided to eat these over pasta. Kind of like Mexican meets Italian. While I was in Italy, I tried this pasta called gemelli and fell in love so that’s what I chose to make.

Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbeque via Allrecipes.com

This recipe called for six chicken breasts so I have TON of leftovers in my freezer. I think next time I’ll halve the recipe.

Two Timin’ Pasta Bake via Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour

This was SO delicious. And easy, for that matter. This recipe in particular is good leftover.

Pepperoni Rolls via What About Pie

For this one, instead of using Rhodes frozen bread, I decided to take a short cut and use Pillsbury pizza crust from a can. I had to suck it up and open the can myself (I don’t think I will ever get over opening the biscuit cans), but the time saved was worth it.

Cheddar Ham Soup via taste of home

Since I begged Mom to make ham for Christmas dinner, she sent all of the leftovers home with me. What does one person do with over a pound of Christmas ham?! Make delicious soup.

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