Goals of an Unemployed College Student


This is my first full summer at home since I left for college. So to keep my sanity, I’m drafting a list of goals. Really, it’s only because I’m so busy at school that I go nuts if I’m not crossing something off a list (see #8 of previous post).

1. Walk Daisy with Dad every day(ish)

2. Read the Harry Potter series in its entirety before the premiere of the last movie. For those of you aliens, that’s July 15th.

3. Finish my taxes. Because of the kidney stones, I had to get an extension on my taxes. Stupid, seeing as I don’t owe anything nor am I getting anything back. I don’t think I should have to do taxes at all, but the IRS doesn’t see it my way. But we digress…

4. On the subject of books, finish books on summer reading list (see next post) and perhaps meet my Goodreads reading goal early.

5. Wake up at a decent time. This is more for my parents. I get into bad sleeping patterns when I’m on break at home. It’ll be good for me. I hope.

6. Clean off the DVR space. In the spirit of Spring Break, my parents’ DVR will be calling when I get home.

7. Actually work on music for my recital. It would be nice to have my recital at a decent time instead of the week before finals.

This is a respectable start. We shall see.

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