Six (now Nine) Things to Cross Off on Spring Break


1. Finish at least one book (Brisingr, The Book Thief, Mockingbird, The Giver…take your pick.)

2. Find a job for the summer

3. Pick a Music History IV paper topic

4. Find a place to live next year

5. Learn a new song on the guitar

6. Make Daisy and Roxie love each other (Their first meeting was not all sunshine and rainbows.)

I have nine days, and six tasks. That still means three days of catching up on my DVR at home. 🙂


P.S. For all practicality I would like to add two things:

7. Complete my taxes

8. Submit my FAFSA for next year


Okay, I knew this would happen. I thought of another thing.

9. Make at least 2 of the recipes I have favorite-ed. One of my main obsessions StumbleUpon on is recipes. I haven’t made one since the pumpkin pie cupcakes at Christmas.

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