R is for Resolutions


Okay so it’s tad early for New Year’s Resolutions. But with this new found free time in lieu of classes, I’ve been thinking about them quite a bit. And it might be good to easy into them.

With my wedding about a year and half away (550 days to be exact) it’s more important than ever to make exercising a priority. I know I’ll be wearing a fluffy dress, but I want to look fan-frickin-tastic for my honeymoon. Who wouldn’t? So…

1. Exercise regularly

Also, with my exercising regularly (it’s all in the attitude right?) I want to be healthier in general. So…

2. Take vitamins

I would say that I want to have a healthy sleeping schedule, but let’s not kid ourselves. I’m in college, people.

I always say I don’t have enough time to read for fun, so…

3. Finish reading Roald Dahl’s books (There’s more than you think, trust me.)

There will be more to come. But three is a good start…


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