A four-in-one


I know, I’m behind.

1. Shutter Island

Seriously? You really had to end the movie that way, Scorsese? I know in my heart you did, but that didn’t make it any easier.
I can’t decide if I really wanted the character to be Teddy Daniels or Andrew Laeddis. I think I settled on the opinion that Scorsese (or rather, Dennis Lehane, the author of the book) did it right. I think. That’s the thing about this story; I’m going to need to see it at least twice to decide. To be continued..

2. Flowers in the Attic

I will be happy if I never have to see a drama made in the 1980s again. Nothing good can come of it. This movie was ruined simply because of it’s release date. I should read the book. Books can be timeless, whereas clearly this movie is not. Hmph. 2 out of 10

3. Nell

This movie was a diamond in the rough that I didn’t even know existed until I went to Family Video with Katie. We rented two new releases and they were having a special so we got two Favorites for free. So here we are in the Favorites section, just trying to find a movie we’ve heard of, besides Spaceballs. And Katie points out Nell. She liked it. So I picked it up.
Nell (Jodie Foster) is a young woman who was raised in the woods in a cabin with her mother, who dies at the beginning. No one else has met Nell, and Nell has never seen another human being, except for her twin, who is no longer living. Nell speaks her own version of English, which no one can understand. Until the town doctor and a psychologist (played by Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson…..sad) camp out in the woods to observe her and decide her fate. It’s a sad and happy movie at the same time. Nell is a character I won’t soon forget, because she shows you what it means to be human, even when no other humans understand it. 8 out of 10

4. The Reader

The Reader was another thought-provoking, sometimes confusing film. I don’t mean that I didn’t understand, I just mean I haven’t decided how I feel about it. And I fell asleep in the middle for a bit, because I was really sleepy, not because I didn’t care. I need to see this again, without losing the middle. Also to be continued….

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