And speaking of books….


In the middle of Brisingr by Christopher Paolini.

This one’s been tough for me to get through. I have many, many books on my immediate to-read list. But this book came out almost two years (?) ago and I still haven’t gotten to it.

I just feel a strong loyalty to read this book because I enjoyed the first two so much. However in my opinion, Paolini either needs to write faster or have written this series in several smaller volumes, because Eragon was published in 2003 and he’s still to release a fourth book. I’m losing my patience with a story that’s so complicated I have to re-read before I go on.

Don’t get me wrong: the book is good. It’s just over 750 pages and I feel overwhelmed that it’s not even going to be over when I finish it. And Paolini leaves off on cliffhangers. Thanks a lot, Chris.

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