Movin’ On Up


So Sunday was moving day in Cheney. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile, mostly because I hate Cheney and I’m glad I never have to go back. Nothing was good about Cheney. Literally not one thing.

It’s weird how differently I feel about every move. For this one, I wanted to pack up like I wanted to shoot myself in the foot. But by the time I got to Burlington with my parents, I didn’t want to come back to Lawrence.

I’m excited about Burlington. When we got there at 3 am on Monday morning, we had quite the adventure. Mom forgot to get an address for the hotel in town. So we spent half an hour just driving around town looking for it. And I was pleasantly surprised at the size and contents of the town. But let’s not lie; I’m most excited about the Dairy Queen. And the fact that it’s half as far and $14 cheaper to get there than Cheney.

I’m going back this weekend. Let’s hope the excitement hasn’t worn off yet.

Downtown Burlington, KS

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